Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

It’s an open secret that one of the significant issues the people of Pakistan are facing nowadays is the frequent increase in electricity prices. Everyone knows that the energy crisis in Pakistan is not new. Unscheduled load-shedding, higher electricity bills, and a lack of dams always disturb the balance of domestic expenditure. 

As the summer season arrives, our difficulties become more intense because we tend to switch on high-voltage electronic devices like air conditioners and room coolers to keep ourselves cool. Consequently, this increased usage leads to higher electricity bills, burdening our wallets and affecting our monthly budget. 

Today, we will discuss some of the easiest ways and tips to reduce electricity bills. We will also explore some tips for dealing with hot weather and reducing the cost of electricity significantly.

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

The following are valuable tips to help you lower your electricity bills.

Minimize Electricity Waste

Always adopt a habit of switching off all the lights and fans whenever you leave the room. Apart from that, any electric device, such as mobile chargers, laptops, TVs, and other home appliances, dramatically impacts our bills, so we always try to unplug them, too. Most people think these minor appliances are not a reason to worry and forget about them. These kinds of energy leaks cause substantial electricity bills. By just following these simple tips, you can save your precious money.

Paint Your Roof White

In the scorching summer heat, load-shedding and power cuts are very common, especially in south and east Punjab. But in this tough situation, there is still a simple solution: painting your home’s roofs white. Sunlight bouncing off a white roof keeps your home cooler, unlike other darker roofs that make your home hotter. 

Also, when our roofs absorb sun heat, you may overuse cooling appliances like ACs and room coolers. More interestingly, a white roof can quickly reflect 90% of sunlight, reducing your reliance on ACs. 

Install LED Lights

You can also reduce electricity bills by switching from regular bulbs to the most energy-efficient LED bulbs. Traditional bulbs can consume up to 75 % more energy than LED lights, which can also illuminate your houses compared to regular bulbs. These 12-watt bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. Additionally, LED bulbs emit less heat and are safe for home use.

Save Electricity at Peak Hours

Stop using heavy-load electrical devices at peak hours to reduce your electricity bills. NEPRA has set different electricity rates during peak and off-peak hours in Pakistan. The MEPCO has established 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM as high peak hours. In these hours, the tariff rate is notably high. It is always suggested to limit your high-energy appliances such as air conditioners, irons, washing machines, and electric geysers during these hours. Doing so can save your hard-earned money.

Install Inverter ACs

Another primary reason for higher electricity bills is non-inverter air conditioners. Traditional ACs consume 40-60 % more electricity than inverter ACs. Undoubtedly, inverter ACs are an intelligent choice for energy-saving and always give a user-friendly experience. Undoubtedly, these inverter ACs are expensive as compared to regular units in Pakistani markets, but they can significantly reduce our burden to a great extent. 

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Another way to reduce bills is to wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot water and air-dry them. Drying clothes in the open air can also save energy and prolong the lifespan of the clothing. With cold water washes, we can save energy, prevent colorful dresses, and minimize wear and tear on clothes. These habits are eco-friendly and cost-effective, reducing our electricity bills and the need for frequent clothing replacements. 

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most effective source of cutting down electricity costs. Sure, it has some initial cost, but trust me, it’s worth it. First, determine your electricity usage and the size of the solar panel system you choose; you can easily save a significant amount on your monthly bills. Selecting a panel that covers all of these is up to you. 

If you want to eliminate all worries, consider applying for net metering, which is common nowadays. We also discussed the benefits of solar metering in detail in this articles.

Electricity Consumption of Household Things

It’s also essential to understand the electricity consumption of various household appliances to limit your monthly bill. For better understanding, follow the table given below. 

ApplianceWattsUnits/DayRunning Time
Fan75watts4 Units/Day24 Hours
T.V24-28 Watts3 Units/Day24 Hours
AC (one ton)1500 watts18 Units/Day24 Hours
Refrigerator300 watts3 units/day24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

It would help if you painted your roofs white; it reflects sunlight and keeps your home cooler naturally. Try to use fans instead of air conditioners whenever possible. Don’t use heavy Don’t use heavy-load appliances during peak hours.

Home appliances like air conditioners, room coolers, washing machines, electric geysers, and irons consume a lot of electricity. 

If you switch to LED lights instead of traditional bulbs, you can save up to 75% on energy consumption, significantly lowering your electricity bills.

Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use prevents energy wastage from standby power consumption, ultimately causing noticeable savings on your electricity bill.

Yes, FESCO allows net metering in the region.

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