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FESCO Demand Notice

It is said that electricity in Pakistan is the second most essential thing after oxygen. Oxygen keeps us alive, but electricity gives us everything because all life matters are based on electricity. It is managed by several distribution companies in the country, like FESCO, which operates in the Faisalabad region. Like any other distribution company, FESCO has a system to manage FESCO bill payments, and if, for some reason, a customer fails to pay his bill on time, they will receive a demand notice. 

In today’s article, we will discuss the FESCO demand notices, why DISCO issues them, and what he should do if he receives one.

FESCO Demand Notice: Key Info

A FESCO demand notice is like a formal letter from your distribution company if you fail to pay your electricity bill for some reason. It’s like a friendly reminder to let you know your payments are late and gently encourages you to pay them soon. FESCO sends these notices because they care about you staying up to date with your bills and want to make sure you’re okay.

We understand that receiving this notice may cause you worry and concern. But we are here to help you out in this critical situation. These notices generally include:

Consumer Information

It includes the customer’s details, the account number, the meter number, and the registered address of the consumer.

Outstanding Amount

The second information concerns the owed, including unpaid bills, late fees, and other charges. 

Due Dates

The due dates tell you when to pay your bills to avoid more problems. It’s essential to pay on time to prevent any extra inconvenience.

Payments Options

FESCO gives different ways to pay your bills or fines, such as online, at specific banks, or at FESCO offices where they collect cash.

Results of failing to pay

The notice also explains what might happen if you ignore it, such as your electricity being cut off, legal action, and your credit score worsening.

Why FESCO Issues Notices

FESCO notices are issued from DISCO for various reasons.

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Non-payment of Bills

The main reason for sending a notice is when customers don’t pay their electricity bills on time. FESCO always demands payments on time to keep their services running smoothly. If people don’t pay bills, it can cause problems for FESCO’s operations.

Accumulated Arrears

When you don’t pay your bills repeatedly, the outstanding amount can accumulate, leading to a demand notice. FESCO sends a notice to recover the arrears.

Not following payment terms

Consumers who don’t stick to payment terms in their bills might get a notice. It reminds you to decide when you’ll make your payments.

Unauthorized Use of Electricity

If FESCO suspects any unauthorized electricity usage, it could cause concern. They may request a notice to investigate further and request payment for the electricity used.

Responding to a FESCO Demand Notice 

If you’re anxious about what to do when receiving a notice, that’s fine. It’s natural to feel that way. The important thing is to respond to it as soon as possible. We can solve this issue together. Here are some solutions or actions after having received a notice. 

Examine the Notice

Please take the time to read the notice. Note how much you must pay when it’s due and what might happen if you miss the deadline. It’s worrying, but here are some suggestions to respond to it.

Verify Your Information

Make sure that the account information and stated amount are correct. If you notice any mistakes, don’t hesitate to contact FESCO right now for clarification. Please clear up any misunderstandings as soon as possible.

Contacting Faisalabad Electric Supply Company

If you have questions regarding the demand notice, don’t hesitate to contact FESCO’s customer service at any time. Always feel free to get in touch with them for clarification and guidance.

Pay your Notice

After making sure your notice is valid, you must pay it before the due date to avoid any legal action from the authorities. Several payment methods include mobile banking, Easypaisa, JazzCash, and directly visiting the designated branch.

Don’t Make Late Payments

Don’t be lazy about making payments if you receive any legal document like a notice. Because late payments always lead to additional fines or even the disconnection of your electric supply.


In short, FESCO notices are essential for DISCO to ensure timely bill payments. All the customers must respond to these notices, review them carefully, and settle dues promptly to avoid any inconvenience. Clear communication is always useful in resolving issues. Maintaining good payment records and following lawful procedures leads to uninterrupted electricity services in Faisalabad.


A FESCO notice is a formal reminder for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. The company issues it for reasons such as unpaid bills, late fees, suspected use of electricity, etc. 

Suppose you ignore or refuse the demand notice, a legal document. In that case, it can result in the disconnection of your electricity supply, legal action against you, and damage to your credit score.

If you believe your notice is incorrect, please get in touch with FESCO on a prior basis. They will investigate your issue and correct any errors found. 

Usually, getting a notice doesn’t mean your electricity will be cut off immediately. However, if you don’t pay your fine before the due date, the company may take legal action against you. 

If you cannot pay the full outstanding amount, you should discuss it with the FESCO to find possible solutions. Whether they give you an easy installment plan or anything else is up to them.

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