electricity bill problems in Pakistan

Electricity Bill Problems in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has been working hard to improve the power crisis in the country, but the high electricity cost is always hurting the economy. But despite all these efforts, our economy is still suffering from high electricity costs. There are multiple things responsible for this energy crisis, but the major one is increasing fuel prices that make things worse day by day. With limited funds, power theft, unpaid bills, and frequent power outages, our economy is falling day by day. 

To solve this issue, the government has to borrow money from the IMF. After that, our promises to the International Monetary Fund are getting harder to keep. Now, the people in Pakistan are getting more and more upset; if we don’t find a way to fix these issues soon, our electricity bills could become too expensive for us to handle.

Five Pakistan Electricity Billing Problems

1. Incorrect Meter Readings

One of the most common issues with electricity bills in Pakistan is inaccurate reading, which can result in unfairly high charges in the bills. This is not only worrying for the customers but also causes financial pressure on the consumers. 

This problem usually occurs when the meter readers are not doing on-time meter readings or sometimes incorrect readings. This negligence results in estimated bills that don’t accurately represent actual electricity usage. The only way to tackle this issue is to ensure that meter readings are taken regularly and accurately. Late and inaccurate meter readings definitely put huge financial pressure on consumers. The government should definitely bring reforms to address this serious issue.

2. High Electricity Cost

Another big problem with the electricity bills in Pakistan is high energy costs. Unfortunately, the price of electricity is increasing day by day, which is unaffordable for them. There are a lot of reasons behind this downfall, but some of them are the rising fuel prices and the way we are generating energy isn’t ideal. 

Consequently, many people struggle to pay their electricity bills, making it tough to manage their money. To address this issue, the only thing we can do is to focus on using less energy.

3. Broken Meter

Another issue with your electricity meter is when it stops working or malfunctions, it can cause inaccurate readings or incorrect billing. This situation sometimes leads to paying too much or too little. But in both situations, a customer has to suffer. So, if your meter isn’t working properly, complain to your Subdivision right away. 

After your complaint, your local lineman will fix the issue or replace your electricity meter. In this way, you should get your right bill and wouldn’t have to worry about unfair charges. To overcome this situation, try to make a habit of checking your electricity meter regularly. This positive habit will definitely help you avoid unnecessary financial pressure.

4. Not Enough Help for Customers

Another major challenge in fixing electricity bill problems in Pakistan is the lack of customer support. When customers have issues with their bills or electricity meters, they will have to struggle to get help in time. This lack of support leads to frustration for the customers. To address this issue, electricity providers should improve their customer support on an immediate basis. 

One more suggestion: to bring reforms in the electricity department, the government should set up more helplines, offering email support and chat services can make a decisive difference.

5. Electricity Theft

Electricity theft is always worrying for the authorities. This bad thing definitely makes electricity bills go up for everyone. This happens when people use electricity by unfair means. This bad practice puts a huge burden not only on innocent people but also on the government. So everyone must inform the authorities when you see power theft anywhere. 

Moreover, to overcome this issue, the electricity companies need to check the meters often and make sure that their beaters are working properly. Make sure that everyone pays for what they use and keep electricity prices fair for everyone.

Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill Problems in Pakistan

Install Solar System

The first and foremost solution to reduce electricity issues in Pakistan is using solar power energy. There are a lot of positive things about solar systems; the most important is definitely your cheaper electricity bills. It gives you a lifetime solution to reduce your electricity costs. It also helps us cut down the pollution and provides us with a source of renewable energy. 

But unfortunately, the government is discouraging people from using solar energy. If somehow the government makes it easier for people to get solar power, more people could use it. Experts say that if we switch to solar power, Pakistan can cope with electricity problems easily.

Smart Meters

In this modern era, the world is shifting towards smart meters that can keep track of how much electricity you use. These smart meters help in automatic billing, giving you lots of details about your energy consumption. 

When we switch to these modern meters, there are very less chances to have mistakes in the meter readings.

Transparent Billing System

The transparent billing system is also a very good solution to the energy crisis in Pakistan. With this advanced billing system, you shall be able to get clear details about how much you are paying for electricity, how much you are using, and any taxes you need to pay. Not only this, it will also help us in checking everything on your bill is correct. If there is a mistake by chance you can fix it and make sure your bill is right.


In short, the high cost of electricity and billing problems in Pakistan are causing a huge stress for the people and it is hurting our economy as well. There are a lot of things responsible for the situation, like wrong meter readings, high bills, imposing unnecessary taxes on the bills, and especially lack of support from the government, making life difficult for everyone. 

Despite all these hurdles in Pakistan, there are still some ways to fix these issues, like installation of solar power systems, replacing old meters and installing smart meters, and making our billing system more transparent. We can’t change the system without bringing transparency and a corruption-free society. Moreover, by working together we can make electricity more affordable and help Pakistan grow in a very short time.


There are a lot of factors involved in the high electricity bills in Pakistan, like inaccurate meter readings, increasing fuel prices, electricity theft, and lack of government support for renewable energy.

There are a lot of solutions to reduce electricity problems in Pakistan. Some of these are the installation of solar panels, improving the billing system, and using smart meters.

The government of Pakistan always discourages solar energy because of a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that our government has some agreements with the IPPs that make electricity, and they have to pay these companies whether they produce electricity or not. Moreover, deals with the IMF might affect the government’s decision about promoting solar energy.

Solar energy definitely has several benefits, including reducing our electricity bills, lowering our dependence on WAPDA, and also environmental cleanliness.

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