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When we buy a new property or house, changing the ownership name on all utility bills is sometimes mandatory. It used to be difficult to change of name on meters at times, but now it has become very easy. To change of name of FESCO bills, you need to follow a few simple steps, which are as follows. 

First, get an application form from the nearest FESCO sub-office or authorized customer care center. Fill out the form with all the relevant information required on the form. Make sure that every piece of information is precise and up to date. 

Additionally, include essential documents with your application, such as a photocopy of your national ID card, the transfer letter, and a copy of your passport in place of your ID card. Upon completion of your application form and attachment of the required documents, kindly submit them to FESCO’s customer service center. 

When your request is processed, FESCO will automatically change the name on the bill, and now you will receive the updated bill under your name. Please be aware that FESCO might charge a minor fee for this conversion. 

You are almost done, but ensure you have provided the necessary and up-to-date information.

Change of Name via ENC System

Undoubtedly, everyone is busy and has no time for all this hassle in today’s world. So, to eliminate all this inconvenience, FESCO has introduced an Electricity New Connection (ENC) system. ENC is an online portal for the masses that helps people relate their problems and provides solutions. The following changes can be made through this portal ENC

Change of Name steps
  • Change of Name (ownership)
  • Tariff Adjustment 
  • Change of Load

Name of Change via ENC System

  • Open the web browser from your mobile or computer.
  • Visit the ENC official website
  • Click on the “Change” option as shown in the above image. 
  • Select the option “Name Change,” “Change of Tariff,” or “Change of Load”.
  • Information of Applicant for Name Change.
  • Reference no of your electricity bill.
  • Applicant’s CNIC no.
  • Applicant’s cell phone no.
  • Applicant’s info for the change of your Tariff.
  • Current Name + Father/Husband Name.
  • New Name + Father/Husband Name.
  • After uploading the above attachments, click on the “Submit” button. 


You can easily shift the electricity connection to another’s name by visiting the ENC portal. 

A user can easily change their tariff from domestic to commercial by visiting the ENC portal or website and following the further steps.

If any bill contains any general error, the user should report this error to the concerned Sub-Division/Revenue Office.

Obtain a specific form from the relevant RO/AM (CS), fill it out, and submit it to the concerned office with a photocopy of your CNIC. 

A consumer can submit his complaints about FESCO by dialing the toll-free number. ( 041-118)

If you want to check your FESCO Bill online please visit us:

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