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Checking FESCO bill online has never been easier. We provide a convenient way to track your FESCO e bill. Apart from checking your FESCO online bill, you can also check the due date, and the billed amount of your bill. Moreover, by clicking this website, you will also be able to download and print your FESCO bill online without any cost. Two different and easy methods exist to check your domestic, commercial, and industrial FESCO electricity bill.

  • Enter the 14-digit reference number printed on the left side of your FESCO Bill.
  • Enter the 10-digit Consumer ID mentioned on the top left corner to check your electricity bill.

You shouldn’t worry if you are still hesitate to check your FESCO bill. Please see the image below to track your 14-digit reference number or consumer ID in the highlighted area: 

FESCO Demo Bill

FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, established in 1998. It provides electricity to about 5.1 million consumers in Faisalabad and its 8 surrounding districts. FESCO is the subordinate branch of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Its primary goal is to provide electricity to its consumers in all remote areas at very affordable prices.

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FESCO offers various services and facilities to its users. Some of them include: 

  1. Distribution of Electricity 
  2. New Meter Installation
  3. Billing and Payment 
  4. Resolving Complaints
  5. Correction of Consumer Bills
  6. Installation of Net Metering
  7. Load Shedding Schedule Information
  8. Energy Theft Reporting
  9. Handling Power Outages
  10. Issuance of Duplicate Bill
  11. Technical Support
  12. Safety Guideline

FESCO supplies electricity to the eight districts along with Faisalabad, Jhang, Sargodha, Toba Tek Singh, Chinot, Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakkar.

FESCO Coverage Areas

Following are some step-by-step methods to check bill FESCO

  •  First, go to this website https://fescoebill.com.pk/
  • Write and enter your 14-digit reference number in the entry field. OR enter your 10-digit consumer ID printed on your bill.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button to check your billed amount and due date.
  • Click the ‘Print Bill’ button to download or see the full bill information.
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There are multiple types of taxes and charges in your electricity bills. Let’s discuss in detail.

A fixed amount is charged to all the customers, called meter rent. This fee is imposed on customers irrespective of their electricity consumption. But the good news is, this fee has been relaxed nowadays.

FC stands for Financing Cost. Financing Cost Surcharge is charging Rs. 0.43 per kWh. It applies to almost all categories of users.

FPA is the abbreviation of Fuel Price Adjustment. It’s also a billing trap for innocent consumers. Additionally, Pakistan generates electricity mostly from oil, and FESCO includes fuel prices for electricity-generating companies. But one thing to mention here is that FPA depends on the country’s fuel prices and varies monthly.

T.T. is the abbreviation of Tariff Rationalization. It determines the difference between NEPRA and GOP tariffs. It is made to lower the overall power subsidy and keep electricity prices the same everywhere using cross-subsidies. It might be different between various distribution companies.

QTR tariff stands for Quarterly Tariff Adjustment. In every three months, you will see this amount in your electricity bills. 

All Electricity users in Pakistan have to pay Rs.35 as PTV fees. It applies to all types of consumers across the country.

Including all these above-mentioned taxes, the user of FESCO also has to pay General Sales Tax (GST) on their bills. The amount of tax has been determined by the billing amount of consumers.

There are two methods to pay your FESCO electricity bill. Let’s discuss it.

Offline Payment Method

If you wish to pay your bill offline, you must have a hard copy of your electricity bill. Please feel free to visit the nearest bank branch to pay your utility bill. Almost every bank in Pakistan receives electricity bills.

  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Bank Al-Habib Limited
  • Standard Charted Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank Limited
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)
  • Soneri Bank
  • Al Baraka Bank Pakistan
  • JS Bank

Online Payment Method

The second bill payment method is very common nowadays which is an online payment method. You can pay your FESCO e-bill using Easy paisa, Jazz Cash mobile apps, or any other mobile banking app. The good news is, it’s almost free or without any additional charges.

FESCO is a well-organized institution, and they are always ready for excellence. In case of any emergency or unavoidable situation, you can contact these helpline numbers

Phone #: +92 (41) 9220229

UAN #: 080066544

FAX #: +92 (41) 9220233

A couple of years ago, FESCO decided to start a new SMS service, aka bill SMS Service, which is a free service. Now, you can check your FESCO online bill or may receive it on your provided personal contact number. To get register for SMS service visit FESCO SMS service


No, there is no particular method to check your FESCO bill by CNIC or mobile number. A 14-digit reference number is required to WAPDA bill online check, which is printed on your bill.

You can get a new connection to the FESCO meter very easily. First, you must get an application form for a new connection from the Subdivision office. After filling out the form, you must submit it to the clerical staff of the Sub-Division office. You will get a receipt from the concerned clerk to give you confirmation of your application submission. Your application will take some days to process, and you will get a new connection within one month. In case of any objection, the concerned staff will inform you as soon as possible.

For complete guide visit: FESCO New Connection

If you want to change your meter category from domestic to commercial, submit an application to the SDO office with the following documents. 

  • One copy of CNIC
  • Latest Electricity Bill (Paid)
  • Affidavit of Rs. 20

Arrears age indicates the amount of unpaid bills, usually calculated in terms of the number of days or months since the payment of the due date. 

Unplugging your electrical devices is necessary to lower your electricity bill when not in use. Must use energy-saving appliances. Don’t use heavy appliances during FESCO peak, especially from 6 PM to 10 PM.

To calculate the cost of electricity per unit, divide the total amount by the total number of units you have consumed in the billing month. For better understanding visit bill-calculator

No, as per my information, the due date of utility bill payment cannot be extended. But sometimes, FESCO may extend your due date and give you three more days to pay your bill. 

No, there is no method to check your bill without a reference number. 

To download your FESCO duplicate bill online, visit our website https://fescoebill.com.pk/